classroom ideas

It’s that time of year!  And, as such, I have been perusing some fun teacher sites for ideas.  Here are a few:

I have been thinking about making cute frames for student’s work- what a fun way to highlight their hard work!  Over at create * teach * share there is an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make them.  I plan to laminate them, only trimming around the frame and not in the center, so that the center will then resemble the look of “glass” in a frame.  I have also thought about buying real frames at Goodwill but the free, fun paper frames will suffice for now.

Cute, right? Sarah, over at First Grader… At Last! has some sweet ideas and the fonts she uses are the cutest!!!

I like this idea from the teacher wife, Lindsey.  I could make a similar booklet but gear it for each individual learner, tweaked for each kid’s individual IEP goals, objectives, and current, yet ever evolving, needs.  Cool, right?  When each Resource Room student wanders in, which is invariably at different times, the student can first independently work on a page, which should only take a couple minutes, before moving on to other work.  I already downloaded her idea in Google docs!  Thank you, Lindsey. 

Along the same lines, is a reproducible offered by Kimberly at Funky First Grade Fun, which has loads of neat ideas!

She also showed a very cute idea (above) that I first saw and stole from a crafty teacher in our school for labeling lockers or, in my case, student cubbies.  I bought the paper at JoAnn’s for 50% off and then used my teacher discount for a super good savings.  Gotta love that!  I hope to use each student’s “personal paper” to coordinate other items (folders, etc.)

I am going to make a sign similar to this one to hang in our classroom.  It is a good reminder for my students.  And me.

Okay… off to school to work on some of these ideas!