tailored bedskirt- quick and easy

I finally finished the boy’s tailored bed skirt to go with his “new” bedroom.  I could not have measured more precisely… okay, gotten more lucky! 😉   I actually ran out of the material.

This was such an easy project because I adhered the bed skirt directly to the box spring with adhesive-backed Velcro.  Gotta love that handy stuff!




I started with the bright orange material with which I covered the spray painted orange lamp lampshade.  I figured I had enough of the orange to cut strips for a band of color at the bottom of the bed skirt, which could mimic the narrow band I did on the valance.  I thought I had plenty of the blue and green material but I ended up running completely out.  Still, I got it done!   Yay!






I simply cut out and hemmed a triangular shape out of the orange material for a little splash of color at the corner under the bed skirt.  Then I added a strip of the same orange to the bottom of the tailored skirt.  Of course, before sewing it on I ironed the rough edges under. 

Then I Velcroed (is that a word, I wonder) it directly to the box spring.  For laundering it will be simple to carefully peel the hoop Velcro attached to the material off from the loop Velcro attached to the box spring.  Next, I did the same for the main tailored skirt.


I am very glad to have the bedroom FINISHED!  And my son loves his redecorated bedroom.


4 thoughts on “tailored bedskirt- quick and easy

  1. Sara

    You are something, Michelle! That looks just like a magazine! Love it. I wonder if David will grow up to be super-crafty and do-it-yourself-y too….

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