I built a fence

We went to the hardware store yesterday to get some French gothic pickets.  We couldn’t buy the pre-made section of fence because it would not fit in my vehicle.  Also, it is less expensive to make your own… and SO fun!

On a long cable lead, so he won’t dart away, (which he has been known to do on more than one occasion), the big brown dog goes down the deck stairs to the backyard to do his biness.  While down there, he also routinely wraps his lead and himself around the deck posts.  Now, the interesting thing is he does it on purpose.  Seriously.  Also, he KNOWS how to untangle himself, but he prefers to wait until I tramp all the way down there, cursing under my breath, before he untangles himself.  When he sees me he runs around the post to untangle himself, before hopping and jumping around like a bunny, hoping I’ll run around the yard with him.  Uh-huh, I think not.  Especially, at 6:30am.  So, in anticipation of school starting soon, and knowing full well that continuing the annoying dog-and-post routine to my daily schedule will, undoubtedly, put me over the edge, I decided to eliminate the post problem… with fencing.

I had some white painted fencing that I used as headboards in a guest room a while ago, but no longer use.  I figured I could use the fencing to circumvent the dog’s shenanigans.  Then I realized I would need additional sections.  So we got what we needed and got to work.  I like it.  Can you see the old white “headboard” fencing on the right side?









My sweet son and I worked on some of the fence together.  He loved pounding nails, especially.  It was a blast to do it together.  We made sure to use the level when mounting the 1x2s with galvanized “curly-q-y” decking nails.   









Here’s a helpful trick:  when hammering in your posts, use a nail to separate them.  See the nail?  That-a-way each post is evenly spaced and there is also a little room for any future expansion of the wood.


                                 Note to self:  get a pedi.


So, here is the backside:

Dog:  your fun has been spoiled  (insert maniacal laugh here)!  That lousy hound has had his game cut short.  He is going to be very upset.

And the front: 








I guess I will have to paint the fence white to match the old fence headboards, but I really like the natural look.  But as one of our friendly neighbor boys said, “It will look good white.  It will bring out the color of your house.”  😉

Oh, my.  See that pitiful patchy grass?  The dog is responsible for that too.

On a happy note, may I just say that I LOVE my $15 circular saw?!  I do.  And I can’t wait for my next project.


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