light switch cover

This was a very boooooring light switch cover in my kitchen.  And while I don’t really have a problem with unadorned light switch covers, I just so happened to be browsing through a Stampington & Company magazine one recent day and…  Ah-ha!  I saw a sweet page that I thought was dear.  It showed a heart (soooo close to the golden-hued color of my kitchen walls) with the words “happiness is homemade” in script in the heart.  It also had a knife and fork– perfect for a kitchen, I thought!  Well, I went about my normal day-to-day… but then went back to that magazine page.  I tore it out and put it on the island.  Then I looked again at that boooooring light switch cover.  Hmmmm….  I had an idea.                                              I know you’re with me.

Here is the artwork.  I’d like to give credit to the artist, but in my haste to create I didn’t think to look for the information.  If anyone recognizes the artist, please tell me so I may take my hat off to her/him and give credit where credit is due.  As you can see, the print I wanted to use was part of a fourth of a page.  It was a little too large for the switch cover so I improvised.  First, I cut off the knife, which when you think about it was quite appropriate 😉 hee-hee, and then I trimmed the print to size.  I glued the knife across the bottom of the print.  I also made sure my light switch cover was nice and clean beforehand… no smudges, dirt, or kid’s fingermarks.

I slathered Modge Podge all over the plate.  I made sure to get the backside too, especially under the paper flaps because there wasn’t a lot of overhang.

Notice I wrapped my paint brush in plastic wrap between the three coats?  That way there was no need to rinse out my brush between coats.  That little trick works great to keep the brush moist and ready to go between coats.  Try it when you are painting your walls too.  Works great!

And here it is (excuse the glare):Cute, right?  By the way, the top screw on the switch matched the heart almost perfectly!  I used a little liquid correction fluid (Wite Out™) to “paint” the bottom screw so that the color better matched the color of the paper.



So, what do you think?


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